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Spray Tan FAQs

How Long Does An Appointment Take?

A typical spray tan appointment:

In studio will take 10-15 minutes.

Mobile 20-25 minutes which would include my set up and drying time.

How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

Your Spray Tan should Last 7-10 Days. I have seen Tans last longer.

What Is It In The Solution That Makes You Tan?

DHA is the sugar ingredient that interacts with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin to produce a pigment called melanoidins. It was approved for topical use by the FDA.

Can I Choose How Dark I Want To Be?

Yes! You and our Spray Tanning specialist Fallon will discuss the color your looking for. With her 7 years of experience she will be able to judge by your skin pigmentation exactly how much solution you will need to achieve the Tan you are looking for.

Does my spray tan protect me from sunburn?

Unfortunately, your spray tan does not contain any SPF and will not protect you from getting burnt! So please, ladies, wear your sunscreen!

How long before my wedding, prom, etc., should I get my spray tan?

I recommend getting your spray tan either the day before or two days before your big day to ensure a flawless tan.