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Spray Tanning Information

Before Your Sunless Spray Tan

Mani / Pedi / Waxing

If you are scheduling a Mani /Pedi/ or Waxing. Try and do it before your Spray Tan if possible.


Shower and Exfoliate before your appointment, do not use any products w/oils.

Lotions and Oils

Avoid lotions, oils, perfumes, deodorant & make up between your shower & your Spray Tan Appointment.

They can have an affect on the development of your Tan.

Your Hair

Pull your hair back to get it away from your face.

I do provide hair nets if needed.


Remove as much jewelry as possible Before Spray Tanning

*If it is raining, bring an umbrella and protective shoes

After Your Spray Tan


Wear dark loose, easily cleaned clothing to your appointment. Wear loose shoes (Sandals or flip flops). Bring a dark swimsuit or under garment to create a tan line. You also may tan nude if you prefer no tan line.

Keeping the Solution On

Wait 6+ hours before taking a short cool-luke warm ONE minute rinse.

First Shower After Your Spray Tan

First shower after your Spray Tan should be with warm water.

ONE minute rinse only! The use of soaps can strop the color development of your Tan.

The immediate bronzer will wash away during your first shower.

**After your rinse pat, don’t rub skin dry**


Keeping the Skin moist is the secret to maintaining the length of your Tan. If you keep your skin moist your tan can last 7 -10 days or longer.

Avoid exfoliating the skin until right before your next Spray Tanning session. Some products can cause faster fading.Bar Soaps, Alcohol based products such as toners and astringent products that cause exfoliation.

Please call or text 727-403-7566 with any questions or concerns.